Quality, the environment and workplace health and safety are priority, strategic business factors for ILUNION Lavanderías, a supplier of industrial laundry, textile hire and other services to the hospitality trade.

As an affiliate of the ILUNION Group, our intent is always to foster the workforce integration of people with disabilities, by creating quality jobs for the community. ILUNION Lavanderías focuses on supplying solutions tailored to customers’ needs, using only environmentally friendly processes and technologies, that also ensure workplace health and safety and are financially viable.

Accordingly, ILUNION Lavanderías pledges to:

  1. Identify and minimise the environmental impact of our activities and facilities, incorporating sustainable development criteria to guarantee effective resource use and environmental protection, preventing pollution and correctly managing waste.
  2. Eliminate and reduce health and safety hazards in our workplaces, and to promote road safety and accident prevention awareness.

Ensure working conditions are healthy and safe, preventing personal injuries and damage to health, promoting preventive and safe codes of conduct and allocating them with the needed resources for the community, and incorporating a commitment to preventing damage and deterioration to health into all our processes.

  • Establish operating processes designed to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and disinfection of all elements affecting the sanitation and hygiene of laundry processed at our facilities, with the aim of preventing, reducing and eliminating pathogenic and spoilage microbes.
  • Comply with applicable legislation in regard to the environment, workplace health and safety, and all other applicable regulations.
  • Establish, revise and regularly assess compliance with Quality, Environmental and Workplace Health & Safety targets, seeking ongoing improvement of ILUNION’s three fundamental cornerstones: Excellence, Transformation, People.
  • Promote training and awareness in our workforce in Quality, Customer Service, the Environment, Workplace Health & Safety, and Biological Contaminant Control and Prevention.
  • Promote a participative environment, nurturing communication via engagement and direct, open participation with workers, their representatives, and other stakeholders in the organisation.

Management undertakes to monitor the application of this policy and foster active compliance with same by all personnel, contractors and partners; to revise it regularly and adapt it to strategic corporate criteria; and to communicate all improvements made to the policy and keep it always available to workers and other interested parties.