Our range of amenities is divided into two groups: cosmetics and accessories. Our products are designed so that they are suitable for all sectors, which mainly include hotels, hospitals, and the social and health care sector.

Our keys to success are our processes that involve the planning, logistics, and storage of amenities that cover all of Spain (the peninsula and the islands), Andorra and Portugal. This means that we fulfil our commitments on time and meet all of our customers’ expectations.


    The hotel amenities line was created in response to the needs identified in the hotel industry, in a bid to offer a complete service for rooms. We currently offer solutions not only for hotels but also for hospitals, residences, funeral homes, gyms, and any company wishing to give its customers the special treatment.

    We take care of the design, production, dispatch, and replacement of personal hygiene products, stationary, disposable accessories and any other extra items that bring added value to our customers.

    We have our own lines that have been registered by ILUNION Lavanderías and meet the legal requirements set by the Medicines Agency. These include: The Rerum Natura, Osmé, Anyah, Hopal, Eco-Boutique, Absolute Nordic Skincare, Smart Care System, as well as a range of amenities for children. We work with top national and international suppliers and we are official distributors of renowned brands in the sector.

    Our range of amenities for hotels, hospitals, etc., is divided into two groups: cosmetics and accessories. The cosmetics line includes shampoo, shower gel, soap bar, body milk, hydrating body lotion, hand cream, hair conditioner, and mixed products. These products may be purchased in individual packaging or in dispensers, depending on each customer’s needs. Our accessories include dental kits, shaving kits, shower caps, combs, shoe shine sponges, trays, hangers, pens, pencils, notepads, slippers, shoehorns, bags, glass cups, coasters, toiletry bags, wipes, tissues, etc.

    Our logistics network has over 43 points across Spain, Andorra and Portugal, reducing delivery times and optimising costs. This gives ILUNION a very competitive offering of amenities for hotels, hospitals and the social and health care sector.

    The team in charge of the amenities line is involved in design, sales, kit assembly, warehouse management, etc., which ensures optimal production and delivery of the products ordered by our customers.

    We recommend our ILUNION Lavanderías integrated service that you can read more about in this section. It includes amenities, laundry and textile sales, as well as a housekeeping service for hotels.


    We can also customise the amenities we offer to hotels, hospitals, residences, funeral homes, gyms, or any other company or facility that requires this service, adapting the designs, packaging, and composition to the customer’s needs.

    Not only do we sell the products individually, we can also create customised packs that are impeccably presented and ready to give to your customers. Our personalised amenities are a sure way of standing out and making your customers feel extra special.

    For example, we create exclusive welcome packs for inpatients, personalised baskets for mothers and newborns, kits for patients undergoing surgery, etc.

    We strive for service excellence. Contact our sales and technical department who will guide you to finding the best amenities solution for your business.

    We have the most rigorous quality certifications of the market:

    • Excellence Managment (EFQM500+)
    • Quality Managemente (ISO 9001)
    • Environmental Management (ISO 14001)
    • ENOR certificate of COVID-19 (ANOR COV-2020/0018)
    • Health and safety (ISO 45001)
    • Laundry control bio-contamination
    • Environmental


    ILUNION Lavanderías takes its Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously, which is why our amenities service for hotels and other sectors includes a wide range of eco-certified collections, recycled PET bottles, and packaging made from recyclable paper.

    Our selection of eco-amenities includes the following certifications: ECOLABEL, NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL, ECOCERT ORGANIC and ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC.

    Those certified as ECOLABEL and NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL are eco-friendly products that have been certified by these international agencies as they ensure a low environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle, all the way from raw material extraction through to disposal and waste generation.

    Amenities with the ECOCERT ORGANIC COSMETIC certification have been manufactured using environmentally-friendly production processes with ingredients from authorised sources. These products are made from over 95% bio/organic plant-based substances and at least 10% of their ingredients come from organic farming, making them not only top quality products, but also environmentally harmless and nature friendly. They are also rigorously audited by this prestigious and international organic certification.

    Además de ofertar productos sostenibles a los consumidores de amenities, ILUNION Lavanderías ofrece a sus clientes la posibilidad de reducir la emisión de residuos plásticos con el uso de dispensadores y envases reciclables.

    In addition to offering our customers sustainable amenities, ILUNION Lavanderías also gives the option of reducing plastic waste by using dispensers and recyclable packaging.

    One clear example of this is the Anyah Eco Spa Treatment range that is ECOLABEL certified. These products include dosing bottles made from 100% post-consumed PET material. Complementing this brand is a fantastic range of accessories presented in recycled paper boxes printed with soy-based ink.