Our ILUNION Housekeeping service involves managing bedclothes and bath towels, amenities, cleaning and arranging the room and leaving it in perfect condition. We take care of all staff management including recruitment and training, and we directly supervise the work of the housekeeping team to ensure that the highest quality standards are met at all times.

    We have extensive housekeeping experience in national and international chains and we take responsibility for the state of each room from the moment one guest leaves until the next one arrives. Our customer portfolio includes internationally renowned 4 and 5 star hotels that are industry leaders.

    With our ILUNION Housekeeping service, the hotels we work with get to reap the benefits of our knowledge and experience. We follow tried and tested quality protocols and bring all the resources necessary to provide the services in accordance with the terms and schedules agreed upon, offering maximum guarantees.

    We have a large team of experienced professionals who handle the planning, management and distribution of staff, production selection, and who monitor the end result of our housekeeping service. We offer solutions using optimised processes, management tools, and approved products that all ensure the efficiency and quality of our service.

    Regarding the materials necessary to provide the service, we recommend only the best products and we work with industry leading suppliers of cleaning products with whom we have approved the most efficient articles, always ensuring to include any latest innovations and best applied techniques.


    Remember that we offer an integrated housekeeping service for each room, which includes not only the housekeeping tasks but also the bathroom amenities, welcome products for guests, or whatever else the hotel chain requires. We also sell bedclothes and other items for the room. The customer (hotel) is only charged when a room is occupied, meaning that the cost per room of this extensive service varies. Therefore, the hotel’s income statement becomes a true reflection of its actual occupancy for that period. For more information on this, please go to the Integrated Service section.

    With our housekeeping service, our customers can focus on their core business and we take care of the general condition of the rooms, starting with the bedclothes to ensure that the guests fully enjoy their experience. Once the guest leaves the room, we make sure it is ready to be used again with bedclothes that have been cleaned and pressed, all the extra details in place, and ensuring that the space is perfectly clean and ready for use. Because customer satisfaction is fundamental for both the hotel and for our housekeeping team.