At ILUNION we have everything we need to offer an independent carpet management service, controlling the entire process from end to end:

  • Specialised team:Our advisers will find the best solution for the needs of each customer.
  • Infrastructure: We have more than 40 laundries around Spain, all equipped with the best laundering and processing systems. Because of our extensive network, we can respond quickly and efficiently to all needs, everywhere.
  • Carpets: The quality of the materials used in our carpets guarantee long-lasting results and the best possible image.
  • Fleet: More than 300 vehicles to bring carpets to your door.
  • Traceability: Our tracking management system, allied with cutting-edge RFID (UF & UHF) technology and chips, ensures efficient management of all carpets.
  • Storage: Storage facility to safeguard carpets until needed for use.

    We pick up carpets at your address and bring them to our facilities, where they are cleaned and disinfected to perfection.

    We have all the equipment and utilities to clean and process carpets. Our detergents and additives adapt perfectly to the technical characteristics of each carpet. Carpets are processed using the best method and products to ensure they get the care they need.

    When ready, we return the carpets to their owners, ready to grace and protect their floors.


    Because we operate independently of any third party, we offer the best integrated carpet management service.

    Our renting service includes advising on and supplying the carpets that best suit our customers’ needs.

    We have three product lines, each with photos, colour ranges, technical specification and certifications.

    • Standard indoor carpet: Indoor carpets reduce the amount of dirt coming in from the street, keeping spaces clean and averting the need for constant care taking.

      The standard indoor carpet also holds water and liquid, including rainwater and any other liquids that may be spilled in the course of the business, thus preventing slips and falls

    • Standard outdoor carpet: Our outdoor carpets, just like our indoor range, protect floors against dirt and moisture. The outdoor carpet is made of more durable material, to retain mud and dust.

    • Custom carpets: Custom carpets dress floors in a way that conveys a certain image, and display your brand to visitors to your establishments.

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