Our industrial laundry and textile rental services includes picking up the laundry at the customer’s facilities, processing it, and bringing it back in perfect condition for use. We have a network of 44 laundries set up to service customers from the hotel, hospital, social and health care, and industrial sectors. We provide our services to thousands of customers in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Colombia, meeting the highest quality standards.  We process over 200 million kilos of linens and towels each year, meeting the terms agreed upon with our customers, the collection and delivery times, and all other conditions contracted.

    With over 30 years of experience, we understand the need to divide our industrial laundry and linen management service so that we can offer each of our customers specific solutions for their businesses.

    We examine each of their requirements, becoming experts and partners in providing a service as important and critical as industrial laundry. Our industrial facilities and team of specialised professionals are focused on achieving excellence in linen management.

    We know that our customer’s customers want their comfort to be understood differently. At ILUNION we add value with our knowledge of each and every one of the sectors:

    - Solutions for the Hospitality Industry: Hotels, Aparthotels and Restaurants.

    We serve the top hotel chains, with major presence in 5-star Great Luxury hotels and 5, 4 and 3-star city and resort hotels. We can provide the linen rental and laundry service, as well as an integrated service that also includes amenities and housekeeping.

    If the service includes linen rental, we provide the hotels with all the necessary linens they need to operate properly, and the quality agreed upon with each hotel. We handle all textile management, inventories, storage, depletion and purchasing to keep the hotel stocked as agreed. With our textile management, the hotel’s linen costs are variable and investments are avoided as the cost of the service depends on hotel occupancy.

    - Solutions for Hospitals: Public and Private Hospitals..

    The quality of ILUNION Lavanderías is not only down to our compliance with current regulations concerning the disinfection and sanitization of linen as well as environmental regulations, it also involves careful and rigorous work carried out with dedication to ensure the best results for the linen used by our customers’ patients.

    Our modern, state-of-the-art industrial laundry service allows for optimal linen management thanks to our very own Dispatch Control systems at the laundry and an extensive development of tracking software which, together with other physical components, allows us to know the location of every item in the circuit formed by the laundry and the hospital facilities.

    - Solutions for the Social and Health Care Sector and Residences: Retirement Homes, Student Residences, and Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Centres.

    For a variety of reasons, residences become the homes of many of your customers. We offer specific laundry programmes and we check to see which textiles help the centres and the patients to improve their time there. We scale the service to each particular case to provide the agreed service and cover any unforeseen events in the laundry model, whether we are processing the customer’s own linen or providing a rental service. We handle all textile management, inventories, storage, depletion and purchasing.

    As leaders in the industrial laundry industry and linen management experts, we are your best bet if you are looking to outsource your laundry services. If you would like to meet with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange an appointment for you with the commercial department so you can come visit our industrial laundry facilities, gain a better understanding of our processes, and see the quality of our services for yourself. We can present you with the best offer suited to your business needs.


    Our industrial laundry facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, optimised operating processes, and quality control systems that allows us to directly oversee production and keep water, electricity and gas consumption to the necessary minimum. We care about the environment and make sure we are energy efficient.

    We follow the most stringent sanitary protocols in accordance with current legislation, which has led us to manage over 40% of Spain’s hospital customers. Out of all of our protocols, processes, procedures, technology and implemented measures, we like to highlight the use of thermal disinfection and sanitary barriers, which prevent any type of recontamination of clean linen. Thanks to sanitary barriers, at our plants there is a separation between the processing area for clean linen and the area for dirty linen waiting to be processed. Our industrial laundry facilities include specialised machinery, cart disinfection tunnels, and UHF tunnels that count the linen without the need for handling.

    Our main objective is customer care and service excellence, which is why we have a large team of highly qualified professionals. We are backed by over 30 years of experience in the industrial laundry and textile rental sector, and we serve prestigious clientèle in hospitality, hospitals, industry, residences, labs, and all sectors. The trust our customers place in our activity is one of the most important driving forces to give back to them and keep on improving the services we offer.


    We have a technology solution for managing and controlling linen at customer facilities using our linen tracking systems that track each article. We create customised solutions for each customer to oversee the delivery and distribution of articles, which can include linen dispensers or vending machines at customer facilities and distributed with the support of own staff. This means that we can issue reports with recorded data about the movement, use and washing of each textile item. Our linen tracking service includes the identification of articles with all kinds of chips on the market, including both RFID (UF, UHF, etc.), and polyamide tags.

    We have extensive experience working with public and private hospitals using unique and customised hospital tracking solutions in order to optimise linen management whether it is owned by the customer or rented out. This technology allows us to efficiently manage and control linen, towels and clothing (medical staff uniforms and patient clothes).