• UNE-14065 and COVID-19 certifications

    At ILUNION Lavanderías, we went even further with our hygiene and cleanliness controls and verifications by becoming certified in a Protocol Against COVID-19.

    ILUNION Lavanderías is the first laundry group to obtain the AENOR certification against COVID-19 and the UNE-EN 14065 for microbiological quality in the biocontamination control system for laundry processed textiles.

    All of our laundries are also certified under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. As an industry leader in Spain, this allows us to continuously improve the hygiene quality at our plants and the safety of our workers by adhering to the strictest quality standards.

    To comply with the UNE-EN 14065 certification, ILUNION Lavanderías implemented a system for quality management and microbiological safety in all of our plants. This system is based on analysing the critical control points of the cleaning process. Our management system offers customers a product that comes with benchmark hygiene and safety guarantees.

    The AENOR certification is an external endorsement of the efficacy of the measures applied at ILUNION Lavanderías and at the same time proves that these initiatives not only comply with but exceed the recommendations and requirements established by different authorities.

    Our protocols against COVID-19 are deployed across four lines: people, processes, surfaces, and verification systems.


    • Maintaining the compartmentalisation of the textile washing and processing sections; cleaning; ventilation; disinfection; cleaning and disinfecting the uniforms worn by workers who are exposed to biological agents, primarily.
    • Overseeing that internal protocols regarding health and safety and the cleaning and disinfection of equipment and installations are rigorously followed.
    • Strictly following the daily control measures that involve taking the temperature of all workers.
    • Maintaining measures to ensure social distancing is respected at production posts; adapting the cleaning process to include the disinfection of separation screens installed at stations for feeding textiles into flatwork ironers.
    • Distributing face coverings to all workers in the cleaning – processing section and to all those who travel to and from the workplace in vehicles with more than one other person.


    According to the Measures for Reducing the Spread of Coronavirus SARS CoV-2, ILUNION Lavanderías’ cleaning processes are based on themochemical disenfection at a temperatura higher than 60º, as well as, the products doce are registered within the Spanish Official Register of Pesticides with numbers 16-20/ 40-09106. The active ingridients in such products are Peracetic Acid (15%) and Hydrogen Peroxide (17%).

    Al vehicules used to transport dirty laundry are disinfected twice,once upon arrival at the laundry facility and then again after unloading the laundry. The route is planned in such a way that clean and dirty laundry are not transported at the same time.All laundry trolleys are disinfected prior moving them to the clean laundry area. These processes follow the Spanish Ministry of Health’ recommendations, dated on March 2020(…).


    All of our plants have Cleaning Plans, based on critical points analyses. In addition, there are also plans for sampling and efficacy verification. All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with + the Spanish Ministry of Health’ frequency recommentadion,as per Official Bulletin BOE-A-2020-4911. The products used are registered on the ministry’s website. As an additional disinfection guarantee, our production process includes heat shocks that range between 90º and 210º, both in the drying and calendering phases, providing an extra guarantee of disinfection for our clients and employees.


    To ensure the continuity of the process, we have microbiological indicators that help us to assess the efficacy of the cleaning process in the different areas. We perform bacteriological controls on textiles via external approved laboratories to compare the results obtained at our plants. By doing so, we can assure that the hygiene quality conditions established in our procedures are being maintained.


  • EFQM+500

    Alongside Transformation and People, EXCELLENCE is one of the pillars at ILUNION Lavanderías. We are proud to be the first industrial laundry chain in Spain and one of the first in the world to obtain the EFQM 500+, which is the highest score of the European Seal of Excellence, awarded in Spain by the Club for Management Excellence (Club de Excelencia en Gestión or CEG in Spanish) and has been certified by Bureau Veritas. This recognises companies in the process of transformation towards excellent management models.

  • ISO 9001 QUALITY

    At ILUNION Lavanderías, we have an Integrated Management System under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

    The ISO 9001 is an international standard that considers an organisation’s activities, regardless of the sector. This standard focuses on customer satisfaction and the ability to provide products and services that meet the internal and external demands of the organisation. The ISO 9001 is currently the most renowned standard and the most used across the world.


    Our commitment to creating value at ILUNION Lavanderías also applies to the field of environmental performance and our relationship with the environment.

    Reducing our activity’s environmental impact, together with optimising process efficiency, methods and products through innovation, are essential aspects for us and are part of that commitment.

    The lines of action to be followed vary depending on the profile of each business. However, we always strive for better management of natural resources and of the waste that is generated, as well as focusing on pollution prevention.

  • ISO 45001

    At ILUNION Lavanderías, we take a special approach to the management of Occupational Hazard Prevention due to the high presence of people with disabilities on the staff of the group’s different companies.

    At ILUNION Lavanderías, we guarantee continuous improvement in workplace health and safety. The main aim of the Workplace Health and Safety Management System (SST in Spanish) is to prevent and control risks in the workplace.


    The Madrid Excelente seal of approval is granted by the Community of Madrid to companies that meet the highest standards in quality and excellence. This quality seal assesses the workings of ILUNION Lavanderías, certifying that all of our business areas are covered within the standards that have been set. This is our way of guaranteeing our clients and customers the Excellence of ILUNION Lavanderías and quality in everything we do.


    Garantía Madrid is a measure that forms part of the Community of Madrid’s Reactivation Plan.

    At ILUNION Lavanderías, we have the triple stamp: Compliance Measures, Extraordinary Measures, and Solidarity Action.



    At ILUNION Lavanderías, we have opted to measure our carbon footprint to identify the processes that have the biggest impact and therefore better define our emissions reduction goals.

    In line with the requirements of the ISO 14064-1:2006 standard, the emissions corresponding to 2018 were verified. The emissions produced by 47 work centres have currently been calculated, including two laundries in Colombia, a textiles factory in León, Spain, and the main offices in Madrid.

    Registering the carbon footprint, offsetting measures, and projects for CO2 absorption for the Ecological Transition: ILUNION Lavanderías has the seal for 2018, verified by Spain’s Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

    However, ILUNION Lavanderías wants to go one step further when it comes to calculating our carbon footprint, which is why our goal is not only to reduce emissions, but to also offset them.



    Ilunion Textil has the STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®, a leading international eco label for textile products.

    These products have been evaluated and certified by internationally renowned institutes. This certification also guarantees consumers that the textile products have been checked for substances that could be damaging to health.