Our integrated service includes Laundry, Amenities and Housekeeping, improving on the management of these three fundamental aspects of hotel room administration.

    We take care of preparing the room and managing the linen and amenities, which includes: selecting products and articles, purchasing, logistics, cleaning and pressing linen, and monitoring and replacing amenities. In short, we handle the complete cycle, leaving the room in perfect order.

    Our industrial laundry service includes picking up the laundry at the customer’s facilities, processing it, and bringing it back in perfect condition for use. We have a network of 44 laundries set up to service all kinds of establishments in the hotel industry. We provide our services to thousands of customers in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Colombia, meeting the highest quality standards.

    As expert textile suppliers, ILUNION Laundry and Hospitality Services provides all textiles necessary for your business through the textile sales line, which can also be financed through our own rental offer. Not only do we sell textiles, but also we manufacture own, which means we can provide faster deliveries and adapt to our customers’ needs.

    Our ILUNION Housekeeping service involves managing bedclothes and bath towels, replacing amenities, cleaning and arranging the room and leaving it in perfect condition. We take care of all staff management including recruitment and training, and we directly supervise the work of the housekeeping team to ensure that the highest quality standards are met at all times.

    The Amenities line was created in response to the needs identified in the hotel industry, in a bid to offer a complete service for rooms. Our amenities line includes an offer created especially for the hotel sector. We handle the design, production, dispatch and replacement of personal care products and accessories, stationary, disposable accessories and any other element that provides added value to our clients.

    There are many reasons for trusting ILUNION to provide an integrated service for your hotel. Here are the main advantages of hiring the integrated service:

    1. Single rate per room used, allowing for cost variability and considerable savings.
    2. Single point of contact, which saves time and makes day-to-day communication between customer and supplier easier.
    3. Better cash flow for the hotel as no initial investments have to be made.
    4. Staff management: We are specialists in recruiting and training the required profiles. We have a supervision team with experience managing incoming and outgoing personnel, replacements for temporary disability, and annual leave.
    5. Quality of the products used in the service.
    6. Flexibility: we make an assessment of the level of personalisation required in the service and the practices followed in different organisations, fully adapting to their needs in terms of linen quality, chemicals, designs, times, etc.

    We recommend you contact our sales department to arrange a visit to our industrial laundry facilities or to visit one of our top customers currently availing of our integrated service to gain a better understanding of our processes, analyse your requirements, and so that you can see the quality of our services for yourself. Whatever your requirements are, we will present you with an offer that best fits your business needs.


    ILUNION has a customised model specifically designed for the social and health care sector. It is an integrated service for residences that deals with all management and logistics of the centre’s linen and the residents’ clothes.

    What does our integrated service for residences include?

    Linen management: A 24-hour laundry and rental service that is processed in our extensive network of industrial laundries, making sure everything is properly disinfected and cleaned, and monitoring the quantity and quality of the items. Our service includes linen warehouse management at the residence with the corresponding safety stock and daily preparation of the linen carts for the rooms, helping everything run smoothly.

    Management of residents’ clothing: It is sorted, washed, dried, pressed, folded and arranged as the customer requests, without the need for it to leave the residence. We use the experience and knowledge we have acquired in the industrial laundry sector over the last 30 years to analyse, improve, and professionalise the laundry area in the residence. We create specific process manuals for each customer and centre, optimising the programmes, laundry processes and work flow. Not only do we provide the entire ILUNION team, but also the structures and physical resources needed for a correct understanding of dirty/clean areas, standardised labels for each garment owned by the residents, and maintaining those garments in perfect condition.

    Our network of 45 industrial plants in Spain, Andorra, Portugal and Colombia affords us the chance to offer this as a general service and guarantee the same quality, while establishing master agreements with national or multinational groups.

    Laundry management in a Residential Centre strives to give the residents the care they deserve. That is why the expertise of ILUNION Lavanderías ensures it is the best laundry service for your residence. Knowing and understanding the customer’s needs and offering different alternatives for managing and organising are our keys to achieving service excellence.