At ILUNION, we meet the highest quality standards in workwear management, offering a range of laundry types and processes, including dry cleaning, clean room processing, sterilisation, etc. We do all of this using our own Tracking System, giving us total control over the garments using chips and/or barcodes.

We develop all kinds of personal protective equipment that requires maintenance, customising it to each customer and workstation for a range of sectors, including: Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Steel, Petrochemicals, Agri-Food, Mining, Emergencies, Fire Brigade and Operating Theatres.


    In accordance with current legislation, some industrial sectors are required to maintain the work uniforms of staff in perfect conditions both in terms of safety and hygiene. They must also guarantee the correct use of programmes and products when processing them (washing, drying, ironing). Therefore, the outsourcing of external workwear management is recommended to guarantee all of the above with tracking systems and extensive processing knowledge.

    We are constantly monitoring requirements in Occupational Risk Prevention and Quality audits, ISO, BRC, IFS, etc., in which the industry undergoes a continual certification process. We closely collaborate to solve any non-compliances relating to the treatment of workwear.

    Work uniforms are managed in specific plants at country level for which we have specialised technicians and teams. Prior to drawing up the proposal, we carry out a prior study of the work uniforms likely to be processed to ensure the specific regulations of the sector in question are met.

    We offer a customised service, providing our customers with a complete work uniform management solution. The service is set up with the necessary number of resources, ensuring an all-round solution that includes procurement stock management, maintenance of the uniform control system, the development of personal protective equipment, distribution of work uniforms, quality control, compliance levels and KPIs, or industrial uniform management indicators that cover the needs of the work centres.

    The work uniform line at our plants has a logistic control system. This, coupled with the identification of each garment, means that we can better manage and control garment tracking.

    We foster respectful growth with our surroundings, the environment and society. That is why we are continuously researching and implementing systems for energy saving, emissions reduction, and water treatment, basing this on the best practices being implemented in the different laundries.

    With our facilities we can provide nationwide workwear management using cutting-edge technology. We also have a tracking lab and two ISO 5 class clean rooms with particle count tests for each batch. This means that we can provide a customised solution to meet the needs of any kind of customer that requires industrial laundry services or textile rental, while complying with the strictest regulations in terms of safety, hygiene and quality control.

    We strive for service excellence and complete customer confidence.


    We have a tracking lab that adapts to our systems and those of the end customer to complete the information cycle and monitor the entire process. Our workwear management service includes the identification of work uniforms using all kinds of chips on the market, including both RFID (UF, UHF, etc.), and polyamide tags.

    • The chips that are inserted into the garments are so small that they go unnoticed and do not interfere with the workers’ tasks. They can store information about the garment (year of manufacture, washing instructions, date of last wash, etc.) and about the person using it (name, surname, work centre, locker number, etc.).
    • The polyamide tags are textiles that can store information about the garment and the person wearing it using a barcode, words, or both.

    We come up with made-to-measure solutions for our customers to control the delivery and distribution of uniforms to their employees. These can include personalised lockers, dispensing machines at the customer’s facilities, distribution with the support of own staff at the customer’s facilities, and dispensing carousels.


    ILUNION has an ongoing commitment to innovation in R&D&I, which allows us to bring added value to our customers and offer the most cutting-edge technology for workwear management. We do this in line with sustainability criteria, which means that we can provide a more economically efficient service and look for improvement opportunities that offer the most value to our customers.

    We have two ISO 5 class clean rooms located in Madrid and Catalonia where we conduct particle count tests for each batch, which means that we can add the batch tracking to the tracking of each garment and to that of the worker information, using a range of finishes.