Our aim at ILUNION is that all persons, regardless of any disability they may have, their age, or whether they access our website via unconventional means, can access and browse this site without difficulty.

To ensure this, we have developed the ILUNION website in accordance the with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines.

Some of the functions included on the ILUNION website to provide easier access to content include:

  • Visual characteristics (font, colour, background, etc.) are defined using a style sheet, so that users can adjust them to their own preferences.
  • Font sizes have been defined using relative units, so users can increase or decrease the size using their browser options.
  • Even if a user accesses the website using a browser that does not support the style sheet, this is no obstacle, as it is possible to access all content by disabling CSS.
  • Pages are laid out clearly, both for users who can see the content, and for those who use screen readers, users who disable the style sheet, etc. For this purpose HTML code was used to define section headers, lists and all other elements that contribute towards the general understanding of the site.
  • Both the HTML and CSS codes use formal grammar, to ensure correct content display across browsers.


For any comments regarding accessibility requirements (Article 10.2.a) RD 1112/2018), such as:

  • reporting possible non-compliance by this website
  • reporting other content access difficulties
  • any other query or suggestion about how to improve accessibility

Email us at info.lavanderia@ilunion.com.

All messages will be received and handled by ILUNION Lavanderías, S.A.